Siddha Yoga Teachings

Chanting group in Melbourne Ashram Hall

What would your life be like if you knew with certainty that every single moment, every thing, every person including your own self, is in essence divine? What if, no matter what occurred, you could perceive a divine hand at play?

To experience life in this way is the goal of the Siddha Yoga path, and the Siddha Yoga teachings assert that this is possible – that this vision is our birth right as human beings.

The key to this experience is shaktipat, spiritual initiation. Having received shaktipat we gain access to our own inner spiritual world. Through the practices, guided by the teachings, our spiritual journey deepens and unfolds and we become ever more firmly established in the constant awareness of our own divinity. This state is known as Self-realisation.

On the Siddha Yoga path, chanting is one of the core spiritual practices.

When you chant the names of God, or Sanskrit texts, you immerse your mind in sacred sound. While chanting, there comes a moment when the mind simply becomes completely absorbed in the power of the mantras. It is then that you experience the joy and beauty of your own Heart and you naturally attune to the frequency of love.

Chanting is one of the most direct ways of entering the sanctified place of the Heart. Chanting also prepares you for deeper meditation.

Gurumayi Chidvilasananda is head of the Siddha Yoga lineage. She continues the ancient and formerly secret tradition of bestowing shaktipat. Her teachings guide Siddha Yoga students as they embrace the spiritual practices of yoga including meditation, chanting, contemplation and study, and selfless service, as the means to the goal of Self-realisation. 

The Siddha Yoga teachings spring from the timeless scriptural traditions of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta, as well as from the experience of the enlightened Siddha masters. They are made readily available to seekers around the world through the work of the SYDA Foundation.  

If you are new to the Siddha Yoga path, you might like to begin with Swami Muktananda's autobiography, Play of Consciousness, or a book by Gurumayi such as My Lord Loves Pure Heart. You can read more about the teachings on the Siddha Yoga path website

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