The Siddha Yoga Practice of Dakshina

Gurumayi holding a lotus flower

This practice allows Siddha Yogis to affirm in a very practical way the countless benefits the Guru’s guidance brings to their lives. Through the selfless offering of dakshina, Siddha Yogis become even more open to the wisdom and grace bestowed by the Guru. Thus, we find ourselves participating in an ancient and sacred cycle. 

The SYDA Foundation is the organisation responsible for receiving and administering dakshinaThe charitable trust of Gurudev Siddha Peeth holds the responsibility for receiving and administering dakshina offered by Siddha Yogis within India.

Siddha Yogis practise dakshina by:
- participating in the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice 
- making dakshina offerings in honour of Siddha Yoga holidays and Siddha Yoga global teaching and learning events 
- making dakshina offerings during darshan in a Siddha Yoga Ashram, meditation centre or chanting and meditation group 
- making dakshina offerings on occasions of personal significance.

Offering Dakshina in Australia

In Australia, you can offer dakshina in Australian dollars through the Siddha Yoga Foundation which will receive your offering on behalf of the SYDA Foundation and then transfer it in full to SYDA Foundation.

The Practice of Dakshina

To make a dakshina offering, begin the Siddha Yoga Monthly Dakshina Practice or change the amount you offer each month, please email for details or click on the button above.

To offer dakshina in New Zealand dollars, contact here for information.

You can read more about the Siddha Yoga practice of dakshina on the Siddha Yoga path website.

To offer dakshina in US dollars, click here.