Seva – Selfess Service

Seva Opportunities in Australia

Two sevites preparing vegetables in kitchen

There are many opportunities to offer seva at Siddha Yoga Ashrams and meditation centres in Australia. Some seva to support the Siddha Yoga Foundation in Australia is suited to offering from home. Seva may be offered regularly, or during special events, or when you have time. We welcome your offering, whatever you are able to give.

We aim to offer seva opportunities to everyone, including people new to the Siddha Yoga path. The skills and experience required for different positions vary widely. Where specific skills and experience or training are required, a longer-term commitment is requested. We offer a short induction process for every seva role. Below is a list of many of the areas in which seva positions are generally available.

How to enquire about offering seva

You are warmly invited to express your interest in offering seva by emailing; or you can speak to a seva coordinator, Ashram manager, or centre steering committee member, at your local Ashram or meditation centre. If you are interested in opportunities to offer seva from home, or you have questions, or you would like to have an exploratory conversation about serving the Siddha Yoga Foundation in Australia at any time, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Examples of areas for offering seva in Siddha Yoga Ashrams or centres

  • Amrit: serving food and drink, organising and cleaning of the dining area
  • Bakery: preparing and baking of cakes and biscuits at the Ashram
  • Bookstore: sale of Siddha Yoga books and merchandise to support spiritual growth and understanding
  • Cashiering: taking payments for food and drink items in Amrit
  • Dishroom: setting up, washing dishes, loading dishwasher, drying and putting away of dining and kitchen items
  • Event Hosts: overseeing the operations and security of the Ashram during events
  • Flowers: preparing floral arrangements
  • Gardening: caring for, planting, weeding, watering the gardens around the Ashram or centre
  • Hall: welcoming, assisting with seating, caring for the meditation room or hall
  • Housekeeping: caring for the internal cleanliness of the Ashram or centre facilities
  • Kitchen: preparing and cooking of meals at the Ashram
  • Lighting: operation of lights and heating/cooling during events
  • Maintenance: maintaining/repairing the upkeep of the Ashram or centre
  • Multimedia: overseeing CDs, DVDs, slides, and other audio and digital elements during events
  • Music: chanting with the lead group or playing musical instruments for chants during events
  • Reception: welcoming visitors, answering phone and face-to-face queries
  • Registration: taking bookings and payments for Siddha Yoga events 

Examples of areas for offering seva from home

  • Administrative assistance for a variety of areas
  • Data entry
  • Information Technology: database, web development, system support for users
  • Promotions: writing, copyediting, design, marketing, admin