Ashram Self-Reliant Stays in Sydney

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Self-Reliant stay Program

The Ashram residency experience offers Siddha Yoga students the opportunity to deepen their sadhana by becoming immersed in the sacred atmosphere of the Ashram. This allows for in-depth practice and study of the teachings, rest, rejuvenation, contemplation and shared discussion. 

The Siddha Yoga Foundation, through the national residency team, offers a series of self-reliant stays at the Ashram in Sydney to coincide with special events and celebrations on the Siddha Yoga calendar. Siddha Yogis are warmly invited to participate in these self-reliant stays, to focus on the practices by following the Ashram Daily Schedule.

This schedule is a vital part of Baba Muktananda's legacy and includes: morning meditation, Shri Guru Gita, breakfast, seva tasks, noon chant, lunch, rest, study, reflection, evening arati, dinner and evening chant or satsang.

A self-reliant stay at the Ashram involves participation in all of the practices as well as offering additional seva to support the basic setup and functions of being in residence. 

2023 Dates

None available at this time.

Fees for Accommodation



Single Room


Adult Dorm


Young Adult (18-24) Dorm


Linen Hire (optional)



Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast are generally available for purchase in amrit. Other meals are to organised by participants.
Details are available by emailing

How to Apply

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